“Buying Profitable Small Businesses”
Is The Ultimate Game Plan To Create Lasting Wealth…  Today, Tomorrow and Many Years To Come.

What makes buying profitable businesses different from all the other wealth building strategies out there?

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“Discover Why Buying Profitable Small Businesses is the Ultimate Wealth Building Strategy… Period! This Works No Matter How Experienced You Are, How much money you Have or don’t Have.”


Discover Why Buying Profitable Small Businesses Is The Ultimate Wealth Building Strategy… Period!
This works no matter how experienced you are, or how much money you have or don’t have…


You’ll be part of a worldwide network of small business buyers who are committed to growing collectively and doing deals.


Get Industry Insider Secrets you can use no matter your experience level
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Very excellent host. Explained everything in detail and did a great job on delivering his message. Thank you for your time and consideration and meeting with me today. A job well done.

Abdul Rasheed Saleem

I am new in the world of acquisition, and Nelly was kind enough to share with me his knowledge and expertise.  I greatly benefited from his in-depth experience in the healthcare sector and, more importantly, focusing on only one niche market.

Chris Fattaei

Jumped on a quick call with Nelly, the insight he gave within the 30 minutes of us being on zoom, was beyond valuable. Glad to have him in my network!

Ian Perry

Secret #1

Welcome to the 1% of the world’s wealth builders.

Every single day  companies are being bought and sold for millions.

No longer is this profitable wealth building strategy a secret! Now you have the opportunity to participate…Not against Big Business brands like many household companies you know. Our sweet-spot are $500K-$10MM revenue businesses owned by Mom & Pop. M&P enterprises handled with TLC over the years. And Guess What? Small business owners are seeking smart, motivated entrepreneurs like you to continue their legacy. In exchange, you get handsomely rewarded by becoming the new owner of an established company that’s profitable with upside growth.

Why not join a network of elite deal makers that are crushing it!

Unlike alternative ways to earn money, buying businesses is exclusive with mystique and is regarded as a highly specialized profession.  After all, how many people do you know buy profitable businesses?

Here’s a better question…How many people have you met at a social gathering or at business networking event that buy businesses?

Not many, right…Why?

Maybe there is something more to this industry than the public at large isn’t privy too.

Secret #2

Buy Businesses using Other People Cash/Credit

Here’s where creative deal structuring is essential as a small business buyer. We don’t subscribe to 100% No Money Down guru hype…Some sort of legal tender is needed to close deals. We share case studies of countless small business buyers and how they structure deals using creative financing techniques utilizing none of their own money or very little down. Real world finance you didn’t learn in university.

Secret #3

Buying businesses can be extremely financially rewarding!

Just one business can have a significant impact on your financial future.

And Right now, living with the aftershock of the global pandemic has only increased business owner’s motivation to sell!

We know what it’s like to feel stuck — like you can’t get any traction when it comes to your income or the life you know you deserve. Our lives changed when we discovered how to buy profitable companies. Become part of this exclusive network of Small Business buyers who’ve successfully bought and sold hundreds of deals and you can join the movement too.

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We Buy Small Business dot com a community focused on STRATEGICALLY BUILDING WEALTH through business acquisition. OUR MISSION is to equip entrepreneurs with the tools, tactics and network necessary to creatively finance profitable small businesses using other people’s money.  Helping people succeed in life is our true passion. We want to spread this message to entrepreneurs and encourage them to take the first step toward achieving their financial goals BY BUYING A PROFITABLE  SMALL BUSINESS- with a Plan.


How do I manage a team of people? I hate employees?

Delegation, delegation and more delegation. If you choose to operate the business as an absentee owner. There is always top tier talent in the marketplace if you want to replace the current owner with new management. Your time can be better suited toward growing the business, decreasing expenses and lighting a fire under management.

Where can I find businesses to buy?

You can get more leads than you can handle (often for free) on plenty of business broker listing WEBSITES and OFF-MARKET deals from small business sellers. 

How do I know what kind of business to buy?

We can definitely provide some guidance on several profitable industries to pursue.

 There are plenty of businesses to buy in a variety of sectors. Ultimately, you can buy a business that’s complimentary to your

current skills or the best fit for your personality.


But, I've never done a deal before. Will This Work for Me?

 By joining our exclusive network you’ll have access to all the resources necessary to close deals.

You will have on demand access to all the tools, proven systems and a winning community to champion your success.

How Much Money Do I Need To Start?

That depends on your level of support. Our proven network offers world class real world training starting at $1000 upwards to $35,000 or more.

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Why haven’t I heard about this opportunity before?

The business elite are merging & acquiring businesses all the time. 

Most universities and education out there is targeted toward start-ups. We don’t subscribe to that philosophy. Due to the overwhelming Silver Tsunami of retiring baby boomers. A once in a lifetime opportunity is amongst us. Many of these retiree’s want to transition into retirement. The global pandemic has only increased a business owner’s motivation to sell. Don’t kick yourself in the future and regret INACTION!

WANTED: Serious Investors Only

What would it do for your life if you owned 1, 2, 3 or more profitable small businesses?


Could You?


Be Philanthropic

Leave a Lastly Legacy for your family

Fire your Employer

Live Life on your Terms

It’s Possible…

Got Questions? Buying a Business can be the Answer…


“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

James Baldwin